Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

These buffalo cauliflower wings are such a delicious alternative to chicken wings and oh so easy to prepare. I love making them for parties and sometimes I make them for a simple and light dinner when I want a tasty treat with beauty-boosting benefits! Loaded with vitamin C for radiant skin and vitamin K supporting…

Guacamole Cabo Style

Guacamole Cabo Style

Did you know that guacamole is not just a tasty treat, but also packed with health benefits? Avocado's monounsaturated fats are heart-friendly and help lower bad cholesterol, promoting cardiovascular health. Cilantro's antioxidants support the body's detoxification processes, aiding in overall wellness. Onions are amazing for immunity, vinegar aids digestion, and lime adds a zesty kick!…

Best Vegan Mashed Potatoes

  Enhance your Thanksgiving feast with the BEST Vegan Mashed Potatoes! Creamy, dreamy, and so delicious that even your non-vegan friends and family won't believe it's plant-based. Contrary to popular belief, potatoes aren't just tasty—they're your friendly veggie loaded with Vitamin C! Get ready to indulge guilt-free. Watch, whip up, and savor the creamy goodness.

Guiltless Vegan Nachos

Guiltless Nachos

Indulge in Guiltless Nachos for a flavor-packed fiesta and unlock the beauty within with our Guiltless Nachos! Perfect for your Super Bowl gathering!🏈🌟Packed with protein for skin repair, anti-inflammatory goodness from antioxidants in the fresh cilantro and tomatoes. Indulge in flavor that loves your body! These nachos are a huge hit at my house! We…