How Do You Dress a Window? And Other Tips to Designing the Perfect Bathroom.

Window coverings are an absolute necessity in home decor. There are so many kinds of blinds, drapery, and covers that it can become overwhelming. The biggest hurdle I have found in selecting blinds or drapes for my windows is having both privacy and an abundance of light at the same time. I love doing my blinds “top-down bottom-up,” especially in my closet and bathrooms!

If you have never heard of these before, you’re in good company! I had no idea what these mysterious top-down bottom-up shades were for the longest time. The top-down bottom-up shade, also called TDBU, describes what these shades do rather perfectly in their name. These shades are ones that can be opened and closed at both the top, near the valance or the top of the window frame, and at the bottom, near the windowsill. Get it? The top goes down, and the bottom goes up!

Since learning about these, whenever I am designing a space and ordering window covering, I always get blinds for the bathroom top-down bottom-up.  These are perfect for bathroom windows because you get sunlight with privacy at the same time. If I’m just stepping out of the bath or the shower, I can have privacy in the lower part of my window but let sunlight in from the top part.

Why would you make bathroom blinds any other way? If it’s a long window, you can only open from the bottom when you’re not changing or getting dressed and you can’t let the natural light in.

Another great space to use top-down bottom-up blinds is in your closet. I love having natural light to pick out the perfect color combinations and not having to close the drapes when I’m getting dressed. See how I used them in my closet below:

I gave you a sneak peek of one of my bathrooms in the pictures above. Notice how the tub has a small decking all the way around? I don’t like the stand-alone tub because when I get in and out, I notice that I slip and slide and fall everywhere (is this just me?). At least with a small decking around the perimeter of the tub you can sit on that and slowly get out without slipping!

Did you notice the cabinets in the picture above? I LOVE storage space! If you want an organized space, you need storage; every room in my house has an abundance of it. Drawers and cabinets allow you to put away the mess and organize your things easily. Below is an example of my favorite vanity with incredible storage! I had the medicine cabinets built a few inches higher than the countertop – I love this space!

Do you frame the mirrors in your bathrooms? Framing a mirror over a vanity is super inexpensive yet it gives such a nice, polished look. We do this often in our guest rooms and all our bathrooms in our home. Just look at how the frames below extenuate the mirror and make the space in the bathroom look complete.

There are a few things that can easily make a big difference when designing your bathroom. I like spaces that are both beautiful and functional. When putting the finishing touches on my shower, I thought about things like fitting shampoo bottles on shelves and how tall they would be. I designed shelves that would accommodate bigger items like the one in the shower below. We were also able to fit a shower in a small space by cutting the corner and not making it a full square, still having room for a bench!

Do you have kids or pets? Handheld shower heads work just as well as a regular shower head, yet you can clean the tub or child easier and if you have pets, you can give them baths with ease. I believe gone are the days of the set in the wall shower head.

Is your bathroom beautiful and functional? What is your favorite thing about your bathroom? What would you change? I hope this inspires you to think outside the box and gives you ideas for your space!

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