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Christine Avanti is a published author, classically trained chef, and a certified nutritionist. Being no stranger to weight gain in 2003 she lost 30 pounds and has kept it off even after going through menopause! Christine is the author of 4 books, two of which were best sellers. These days Christine spends much of her time in her kitchen developing fun, healthy and delicious recipes and a few indulgent recipes from time to time creating a balanced and harmonious life.

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Our Mission is to provide a platform that brings people closer to the joy of cooking, helping them to embrace a healthier lifestyle. By offering a wide range of delicious and nutritious recipes, cooking tips, and educational resources, we aim to guide individuals on a transformative journey towards optimal well-being.

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“We are passionate about promoting a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle, and we believe that cooking is not just a chore, but an opportunity to nourish our bodies and elevate our well-being. ”

– Christine Avanti
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With each recipe, we aim to inspire creativity and experimentation in the kitchen, encouraging individuals to explore new flavors and techniques.

Easy Lobster Pasta

Have you ever felt a bit intimidated by the idea of preparing lobster? 🦞 Hey,...

Burrata Cheese Board with Tomato and Basil

Indulge in the ultimate crowd-pleaser with this Burrata Board featuring fresh tomatoes and aromatic basil!...

Authentic Italian Focacia Bread

Transport yourself to the heart of Italy with this Authentic Italian Focaccia recipe! This isn't...

Espresso Martini

Kick off the Christmas season with a delicious twist! Learn how to craft the perfect...

Sweet Potato Casserole

  Today I'm sharing a delicious and healthier take on the classic Sweet Potato Casserole....

Sautéed Green Beans

  These Sautéed Green Beans are not only healthy and tasty but also a feast...

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From Beauty, Health, Faith, Decor, Fitness, Nutrition, and Travel – Christine writes about what she’s passionate about. Let’s have fun together!

Christine’s Asian Crunchy Salad with Cilantro Chili Lime Dressing

Christine’s Asian Crunchy Salad A Nutritious and Satisfying Delight! In the accompanying YouTube video, I...

The Essence of Summertime – Making Fresh Jam!

As the summer sun casts its warm glow upon us, our taste buds eagerly anticipate...

Getting Ready for Summer – Inspiration for Outdoor Exercise

Recently, I was inspired by an article that told an incredible story of a woman...

Women’s Luncheon 2023: Pursuing Purpose

Every year, the Dream Center has an amazing event that I look forward to every...

Gateway Celebrity Fight Night 2023

On April 1, 2023 Jonathon and I were honored to attend the Gateway Celebrity Fight...

Healthy Easter Baskets and a Message of Hope and Renewal

Easter is one of my favorite holidays because not only is it a time of...

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