Are You Cooking for Your Sweetheart This Valentine’s Day?

How much do you love chocolate? I think if we all really knew the power of chocolate and the health benefits we could receive from it, we may even love it more. Is that even possible? I’m not talking milk chocolate – although, yes, it is delicious. Dark chocolate is the way to go. Did […]

Resolutions or Intentions?

2020 is here and the closer last year came to a close, the words like change, intention, resolution and new beginnings were being talked about. Does the idea of making ‘resolutions’ stress you out? Maybe it’s because most of our resolutions don’t stick!   If the majority of resolutions are broken, then the irony is […]

Gifts that Give Back

On Thanksgiving, we have a tradition of going around the table and saying what we are thankful for. During this time of reflection, you can really see how incredibly blessed we are to have the things and people we have in our lives. The season of thankfulness and gratitude doesn’t have to end in November. […]

Planning Your Thanksgiving Dinner

It is the month of the year where we all start thinking about the blessings we have and becoming increasingly aware of how thankful we are for the people and things we have in our lives. It is officially November! You may want to start preparing your list for Thanksgiving dinner. It is never too […]

12 Tips to Get a Sexy Beach Body

If you’re going to hit the beach, you don’t want to look like a blowfish who did a five-day Atkins crash diet — a smaller, puffy version of your former self. Been there. Done that! I have the deflated booty stretch marks to remind me of my former yo-yo dieting days that I gave up on over a decade ago.