Spring Cleaning and New Beginnings

Spring is officially here! This time of year is a time of renewal; the flowers are blooming, the foliage is coming back to life, the clouds are parting and giving way to the glorious sun – as the new season is beginning it feels as though hope is just beyond the horizon for things to […]

Practical Steps to Changing Your Nutrition Habits in March

What would happen if you dedicated an entire month to changing your nutrition habits? March is an incredible month to do that since it is National Nutrition Month. Since this month is dedicated to nutrition, there will be numerous articles, resources, and information out there for you during this time to educate yourself on proper […]

12 Tips to Get a Sexy Beach Body

If you’re going to hit the beach, you don’t want to look like a blowfish who did a five-day Atkins crash diet — a smaller, puffy version of your former self. Been there. Done that! I have the deflated booty stretch marks to remind me of my former yo-yo dieting days that I gave up on over a decade ago.